Shaper Care – Durban Hub’s COVID-19 Response in Partnership with Domino Foundation

Durban Hub COVID-19 Planned Efforts:

The health team, lead by Clement Agoni and Dr Cindy Sibusisiwe Nkosi, visited the The Domino Foundation to solidify a partnership to combat the COVID-19 (#coronavirus) pandemic within Durban.

The partnership with the DGS is to provide 100,000 hampers to households within the city that are predicted to be heavily hit by the pandemic.

Each hamper will contain essentials such as sanitizers, soap, tissues, toilets papers, bleach. Some basic groceries will be included in the food supply since school children who usually get supported with meals at school will now be at home.

As a hub, we will also facilitate the selection of target townships and informal settlements as well as developing a coordinated road map for the delivery of the items.

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